About Us

We are an online study platform for the new Canadian Citizenship Test.

Having seen the poor passing rate of the new citizenship exam, we think we can improve the passing rate and have come up with this site.

The site contains hundreds of handcrafted questions with detailed explanations in order to help people understand and remember the material of the exam more easily and quickly.

Practice makes perfect. We wish you pass the exam just by sparing some time on PassCitizenship.ca every day, and going through a couple of questions each time!

Welcome to Canada!

About the Canadian Citizenship Test

Citizenship and Immigration Canada has introduced a new citizenship test in March 2010 which is a lot more difficult than the previous test. The failure rate jumped from around 4% to 30% as a result.

If you are between the ages of 18 and 54 and are applying for Canadian Citizenship, you will need to pass the new multiple choice citizenship test to demonstrate your knowledge of Canada.

All the questions found on the citizenship test are based on the citizenship study guide Discover Canada: The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship which covers topics such as:

  • The rights and responsibilities of a Canadian citizen (including the right to vote in elections, the right to run for elected office in Canada and voting procedures)

  • Canada's government and social, cultural and political history

  • Canada's geography